Sharon McQuillan, MD is a board-certified physician specializing in integrative, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine. She graduated from The Ohio State University School of Medicine and is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society. As a board-certified family practitioner, she focused on preventive medicine, diet and exercise, bio-identical hormone replacement, and the mind-body connection long before integrative medicine was mainstream. As a practicing physician, she quickly realized that a healthy self-image is a critical component of optimal health and was one of the first physicians to offer the full spectrum of health, wellness, and cosmetic procedures in her practice.

After over twenty years of success in Central Ohio, Dr. McQuillan relocated her practice to Florida, where she further intensified her commitment to individualized medicine by incorporating the healing power of a patient’s own stem cells to treat various degenerative conditions. In conjunction with an international team of experts, she has authored over twenty clinical studies utilizing autologous stem cells to treat many common ailments.

Dr. McQuillan’s passion for teaching, standardization, and superior patient outcomes led her to the formation of Ageless Health, a hands-on training company for medical professionals. Dr. McQuillan has educated thousands of her colleagues in the art and science of integrative, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine.

Some of Dr. McQuillan’s prestigious titles include Medical Director of both the Aesthetic and Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Fellowships for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. McQuillan speaks internationally on the subjects of integrative, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine for many organizations and has been featured in numerous national and trade publications. She has appeared on Telemundo and Good Morning America and has made numerous local television appearances.

Her commitment to wellness beauty, and successful aging has expanded to other organizations as well. She currently serves as Medical Director for Great HealthWorks, a consumer-directed health and wellness product manufacturer and distributor. As Co-Executive Editor of New You Magazine and Chairman of the New You Medical Advisory Board, she educates the public responsibly in the best practices for successful aging. As Medical Director of Stem Cell Fellowship, Ageless Institute, Co-Executive Editor of New You Magazine and Chairman of the New You Medical Advisory Board, she educates the public responsibly in the best practices for successful aging.


Ageless InstituteAgeless Institute offers individualized regenerative medical care designed to make patients look, feel, and function at their best. The center offers comprehensive services, developed and refined over thirty years of clinical research in the fields of anti-aging, functional, stem cell, and aesthetic medicine. Ageless Institute is equipped with state of the art diagnostic imaging, laboratory, and therapeutic technology as well as an expert medical staff. It provides a new medical paradigm developed by Doctor McQuillan, called Systemic Medicine in which patient’s individual genetics, metabolism, and current health are defined and then optimized using proprietary scientific protocols and procedures. The most advanced regenerative stem cell therapies are then employed to promote vital healthy living.
Dr McQuillan has devoted her career to creating best practice standards and educating physicians in emerging fields in medicine. She was one of the original members of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, which today boasts 22,000 members. Dr McQuillan next founded and continues to serve as the medical director of the Aesthetic Fellowship, which has trained thousands of Physicians in the art and science of Aesthetic Medicine. More recently and over the last decade, Dr McQuillan has focused on clinical research in Adult Stem Cell therapy and developed the Stem Cell Fellowship which has trained over 500 physicians in cell based Regenerative Medicine.


The ability to use a patient’s stem cells to heal and regenerate their body is one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of this century.

What are stem cells….and why are they important?  From the moment of conception, DNA is the blueprint that determines who we are, the building blocks from which all of our other cells are generated. These cells have the potential to become many different types of cells, according to what the body needs. Once fully developed, stem cells work continuously to repair and regenerate cells in other areas of the human body.

The field of stem cell therapy is one of the most promising fields in medicine.  Researchers have discovered how to harness the ability to use your own healthy stem cells to heal and regenerate areas of your body that may be damaged.  These cells are remarkable because they have the ability to adapt to based on the environment in which they are placed. While stem cell therapy is still in the early stages, it holds real promise as an effective treatment for many injuries and degenerative illnesses.


New You Magazine is the voice of health and beauty in real time. It redefines the traditional women’s consumer magazine with fresh and exciting content on health, wellness, fashion, celebrity, anti-aging and beauty news. New You is on 1,800 newsstands across the country and amplifies it’s exciting and relevant content on all social platforms. Its global reach is over 250,000 worldwide and delivers 24/7 live reporting on all things health and beauty.

Dr. McQuillan serves as co-executive editor of New You Magazine, which has become a trusted resource for relevant, scientifically valid health information. Her mission in this role is to provide readers with the insights and resources necessary to improve their own health with her philosophy of “self care”. With over thirty years of research and medical practice, Dr. McQuillan offers readers logical proven strategies to achieve optimal health, beauty, and quality of life.


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Dr. McQuillan serves as the medical director of Great HealthWorks, a direct to consumer health care company providing nutritional supplements with proven health benefits. In this role, Dr. McQuillan formulates unique, high quality nutraceutical products, with quality assurance, and consumer education.  Her desire is to provide consumers with both the information and  physician formulated products they need to achieve great health. 

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